Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sary Chelek

Oh, I must catch up. The problem is spring/summer is here and there is so much to do. Plus I have started back to school, so that adds an extra layer of busy-ness. For those who I have not told, I am back in school. This time to get my Doctorate. Yes...I know, what in the world am I thinking.

This is a most beautiful place (national park, bioreserve) here in Kyrgyzstan. About a 10 hour drive from Bishkek, but who cares, the drive alone was worth the trip. Mountains, rivers, green landscape everywhere. We did this trip about a month ago. A small group of us went from the Embassy and camped right by the lake...we had the whole place to ourselves. The day after we arrived we did an 8 mile loop hike that took us by 4 other lakes (it would have been 5, but one of them was dry). We really needed an extra day here (4 instead of 3), but I hope to go back.

This weekend I did my first outdoor climbing - what a blast!! I hate to say, but fortunately I didnt have my camera, so I can wait until my next trip there before I take photos and then feel pressure to post all of these amazing adventures. Have I mentioned how much I love this place!!!!

My tent by the lake
Sary Chelek main lake. The water is a watercolor blue.
Our hiking group
Another alpine lake in the area we passed on our hike
...and another alpine lake
Back at Sary Chelek. The snow peaked mountains in the back drop made it spectacular.
Some local villagers came by to welcome and entertain us. Vodka was had by all.
Just so you don't think I am making all of this up and am actually living in some alpine village in Europe. We stopped here on the ride home. This gentleman is selling horse milk and dried horse milk balls (the white golf ball looking things). I tried the horse milk here - very tart and musky. Don't need to try that again!


  1. Such gorgeous scenery!! I think I would want to be out there every weekend just to soak in the view!

  2. Hi, did you go to Sary Chelek on your own? or was it with a tour agency? I am looking for more information on how to get to Sary Chelek from either Bishkek or Osh. Thank you.