Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Antalya, Turkey

Had a chance to visit a friend from Ouagadougou on my way home from the conference in Johannesburg. We met in Antalya on the mediterranean coast - it is a one hour flight out of Istanbul. I was picked up from the airport sleep deprived and whisked into the mountains to 2000 year old ruins at a place called Termossos. it was to cool to describe. not very developed in a touristy way, so we were able to just wander around for hours and enjoy. It was obviously a very advanced society - water ways, sewage system, solid walls/construction. Much has fallen down, but because of an earthquake a long time ago. We had a knowledgeable guide.

one of the many tombs in the Necropolis

writing on one of the tombs

the stadium - the scale was impressive

elaborately carved column bases or tops...just laying around
my friend Kateri - thanks for a great trip!!