Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beautiful things I have acquired in Kyrgyzstan

It is March of the year I will move to a new post. This is when it really sets in, the planning starts, and all the conflicting emotions begin - excitement, sadness, impatience, anxiety, joy for every day have left in your current post, a race to try and fit everything in, an attempt to spend time with all the new friends you have gained over the past 1.5 years.

I am currently on spring break from school, so I technically have a week off, but really that only means I have a chance to get a bit ahead. It was a rough start to the semester with a brief (but exhausting) trip to Atlanta for our annual medical training and then soon after my return a death at post that was shocking and tragic. I only now feel like I am getting back to myself and caught up on life.

I also realize I haven't posted in a long while. I could have of course posted pictures of Atlanta, but unfortunately we weren't actually in Atlanta, but a ways out in strip mall hell (my opinion).  So, just do a google search for any mall in America and you will have your photos of my trip :)  I was also there during 'snowmageddon' and since it was only 2 inches of snow in barely below freezing temps, since I live in Kyrgyzstan, I found it hard to get too excited about it.

We have some new additions to our family which is the subject of this post and photos.  I love the crafts and art here and cannot seem to buy enough.

The beautiful hand made felt shyrdyks, I wish I had a house big enough to fill with one of every type and color.
There are many talented painters here. I got this at an art show and I love it more each day.
Bolt the Beautiful Cat

Oh yes, a cat is one of our new possessions. I don't know what I was thinking... Some friends of ours were leaving and because of import restrictions at their new post they couldn't take their cat. I knew Bolt from spending time with him at their house and he is honestly the best cat ever, so I told them I would 'foster' him and find a family for him before we left in the summer. Well, Otto is completely attached to him (and so am I actually...but I won't admit it to Otto!) and I am sure he would pick the cat over me if I attempted to move without him. So, it looks like we have a new family member. Jackson and he get along quite well (now) and I think Bolt actually has a calming effect on him.

I am taking holidays in Thailand in a couple of weeks, so no fear, I will finally have some good stories and photos to tell.  Otto's dads is coming for the month, so we will spend the first part of it on the beach paradise that is Krabi/Railay Thailand. I am so counting the days.