Saturday, June 16, 2012

Football match: Burkina v Congo

i am trying to fit in as much 'must see' things before i go and one of those is a football (soccer) match. Soccer is of course huge in Africa. the Embassy arranged for us to get VIP seats (really it only meant we paid more money for out tickets...cause when we got to the VIP section, we were told to go away, all the seats were gone!!). I will display my ignorance now. this was some kind of qualifying match for Africa Cup. it was packed and the crowd was alive.

About 30min after the game started a huge storm rolled in - and i mean huge. first it was a red cloud of dust and then torrential down pour, thunder and lightening. the game was stopped for about 5 minutes because the dust and wind was so bad. it was an exciting game all around. i went with my friend Karsten (who gets credit for the photo collage) and we took the boys. they did pretty well, i think they would have actually enjoyed it if the storm had stayed away. (sorry, the photos are not that great because i couldn't download directly from the pdf my friend sent, so i had to take photos of the collage...but hopefully you get the idea)

unfortunately the game was a draw, but Burkina played very well. really glad i got a chance to go to the stadium (4 Aout Stade) and hang with the locals.