Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thailand - best vacation spot ever!

(full disclosure, I am not being paid by the Thai tourism bureau...)

Returned a couple of weeks ago from a fantastic vacation with Otto and Dave (Otto's dad) to Thailand. We focused on the SW coast on the Andaman Sea and then a couple of days in Bangkok on our way out.  There are so many reasons to love Thailand as a vacation spot. The food is amazing (if you like spicy), you can do a cheap or high end holiday, beaches are picture perfect, the climbing is awesome, the people are wonderful, cheap/good massage everywhere.  I could do without the humidity, but it is worth it.  It is a place for everyone from college backpackers, to families with young and older children, to older folks. And then there is the whole sex tourism - we steered clear of that :)

We are already planning our next trip back, but this time we will do a full on climbing trip it was that good. Here are the pics!

Our first view of Railay where we stayed the majority of the trip
Breakfast spot. We are some happy travelers!
Actual photo...I didn't just take a picture of a post card. This is a view from the first guest house we stayed at.
Snorkeling during our 7 island tour out of Railay. Great trip!
This is a shrine right by where we climbed the first day. And yes, those are penises
Here we are with our climbing guide Tar. Great guy!
Cranky Otto (at least he made an effort to smile for the camera). He hates rock climbing... he certainly picked the wrong parents!
Another strenuous day hanging out at the beach
We rented scooters in Koh Lanta to cruise around the Island. Super fun. This is how humid it was. After this photo, my camera stopped working until we got back to very dry Bishkek.

And did I mention the daily $10 one hour full body massage.  What is not to love.