Saturday, December 14, 2013

CPR for residents

I am done with semester #1 - YEAH! It is so nice to know I don't have a paper to write and/or 100 pages of text to read.  I am trying to catch up with the final season of Breaking Bad, read a few books that have been calling my name and just sit around and do nothing.  Things will be quiet around the Embassy for the next few weeks since  many people are traveling out of country for the holidays. Otto left last weekend to spend a month with his dad.

A couple of weeks ago I co-taught a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) class to Cardiology Residents here in Bishkek. It was good fun and they really enjoyed it.  The residents were very appreciative and engaged in the course.  One of my local colleagues, Dr. Tsoy did all of the translating. CPR is not commonly taught here even for the cardiologists.  Basic concepts are reviewed for them in school, but the formal training with mannequins is rare. It was a great event. It is a highlight for me to get out of the clinic and interact with people in the community.  here are a few photos:

Otto and I got our onward posting - we will be going to Bucharest, Romania next. Will be a big change. Much  more developed, part of the EU, many people speak English and the Embassy is much bigger. I was initially disappointed because I really wanted Burma - I much prefer the 'hardship' posts, but it will be a great place for Otto to do high school.  We will be there for 3  years, so start planning your trip!