Saturday, August 9, 2014

Home leave in Portland (and DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Eugene...)

Otto and I are wrapping  up our summer vacation in between posts. It has been a good trip, but always busier than I would prefer. How to fit everyone-everything in and still have endless days to laze around!?!  We leave next Friday for Bucharest, Romania - our new home and adventure for the next 3 years. I have been spending my holidays trying to convince all of my friends and family to come for a visit - it is Europe after all!

The look of the blog will change and a new map will go up. I wanted to post a few fun photos of this trip home though before I move on.

Otto on his new adult sized bike. He is now officially taller than me! By a good inch. He of course likes to stand next to me in front of any available mirror to remind me of this new fact :)
I was fortunate enough to fit in a visit to the world famous crochet museum - located in Joshua Tree.
This is inside the museum and just how it makes one feel being surrounded by such treasures.
A hike in the hills of LA with Midge and Annie - cutest dogs ever.